Grapevine - 14 August 2015

Friday, 14 August 2015

First of all...
A BIG APOLOGY for the major typo error on the WCVH newsletter that came through your door recently...

The front page should read....
The WCA Annual General Meeting will be held in the hall on
Do make it to the meeting if you can!

NEXT SUNDAY 23RD AUGUST 12.30am -5pm
CHARITY ROUNDERS KNOCKOUT... GREAT FUN FOR ALL AGES! don't miss this this fun event- raising money for our Village Green Maypole
please see the poster attached... full details and information from Wetheral Village Shop

Saturday September 5th
The Village Show Admisson to the show 2pm

Get all your entries to the Hall Friday 4th 6.30pm-7.30pm and Saturday 10.00am-11.45am...
Remember...everyone in your household can find something to enter!
We have plenty of room in the new Hall for this first village show...don't be shy with your entries!

Saturday 26th September 7pm
A great opportunity to see how a professional prepares a selection of curries and then eat the results in a full meal with friends and neighbours. An entertaining evening that is also a fundraiser for the repair of the Village Green Maypole. Bar provided
Tickets £15 per person. For further information and tickets, please contact Colin James 01228 560301

And preparation for November 21st Fayre (I didn't want to mention the word just yet!)
Carol Bamber is collecting empty screw top wine bottles. If you have some, please give them to her at No. 7 Goosegarth (or leave them in her porch). The occasional full bottle contributed for this stall would also be very welcome!!!!